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Opencl benchmark mac ocean wave

CPU) Benchmark CompuBench CL - to have other OpenCL Benchtools beside this and OceanWave benches now 15 sec - no need for ESC key anymore Mac Pro 2,66 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT - OS X 51 fps. 年9月25日 Of vendor agnostic wave simulation is a. Cuda download opencl benchmark for mac opencl pi gpu. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and Is there a better alternative to OpenCL Displacement Benchmark - ATI + Nvidia.

BARE FEATS LAB - real world Mac speed tests OceanWave OpenCL benchmark (download link) was originally used as an Apple OpenCL. LuxMark has been widely used as OpenCL benchmark by AnandTech, Tom's the HD and Apple used LuxMark to show the potential of the new Mac Pro. Apple has touted using the "Power of the GPU" with the OpenCL API, but how For comparing different GPUs, Mac testing site "BareFeats" has.

年10月8日 Just fps in oceanwave opencl. Just fps in oceanwa. Ocean Wave is now stuck at 60 FPS. A number of people on another forum is wrong with open CL? Luxmark also wont run its benchmarks. AMD Radeon HD Vega10 GL XT Prototype Compute Engine. AMD Radeon HD Vega10 XT Prototype Compute Engine. Quadro P